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Stephanie Zito, Soul Purpose Coach

I am intuitive Soul Purpose Coach. I help soul-led entrepreneurs take quantum leaps to release blocks and turn your passions to profits.

Receive this FREE class (value $150)

Join my masterclass on the Subconscious Reboot: A successful method to realign your frequency to release subconscious thoughts that sabotage your success, and align not just your energy, but the energy in the quantum field with what you truly want.


Special Summit Offer

Receive a deep discount on this Illuminate Session to uncover your Soul Purpose, what's blocking you and a path forward. Normally $250, receive this session for $97 with code 'Illuminate' at checkout.


Cindy Iwlew - Bodywork Buddy / Bodywork Media

Massage Business Management Software and Massage Marketing System

Free Gift

Email Template to Request Testimonials From Clients


Bodywork Software

Bodywork Buddy: Massage management software


Bodywork Media: Massage marketing made easy - content and social media poste


Davonna Willia: 4 Nineteen Education & Training

4 Nineteen Education & Training mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the classroom. We encourage critical thinking and emphasize the education and learning process over memorization. This can be achieved due to classes being taught in an intimate classroom setting and the one on one mentorship We also provided one on one business coaching and consulting sessions.

Free 30 Minute Business Consultation:

Are you a New Graduate?

Do you want to start your own Bodyworkers Business?

Have you been in business for 1-3 Years?

If you answered YES to any of these questions... Business Coaching IS FOR YOU!!!


20% OFF for Baby Massage Online 2 Hours CEU Course & Isolated Stretch Therapy w/Anatomical Core Online 4 Hours CEU course. Use the coupon code: inspire


Be apart of the 4 Nineteen Family! Find out about class, coaching and specials


Amy Bradley Radford: PPS Seminars

PPS Seminars: Our name stands for Pain Patterns and Solutions Seminars but we offer more than just class on Pain Management Massage Therapy Applications. Our Motto is: We Provide Training Solutions and CE Hours for Massage Therapists in Business and Client Care including Pain Management. Our classes are approved for CE Hours through NCBTMB. We Provide Training Solutions and CE Hours for Massage Therapists in Business and Client Care including Pain Management. NCBTMB Approved Provider 450454-07 & Idaho approved.

"Free CE Hours and Membership"

Inside the PPS Seminars Online Training Center, we have a "Free Membership" area where you can create a secure account and take up to 3 CE hours of classes (NCBTMB Approved Provider 450454-07).

Included is a Free Business Plan Course where Amy Bradley Radford walks you through how to fill out a business plan along with a PDF of the plan to print and follow along.

The best part is that this business plan is specifically for Massage Therapists! There are also videos and training information about our line of Pain Management Essential Oil Blends called PAINLess.

Introduction to Massage Your Market 1 CE Hour

Introduction to PPS Basics and Back Pain 1 CE Hour

Ethics: Professional Relationships 1 CE Hour

Create your FREE account today!!

SUMMIT OFFER + $100 off coupon for this program!

*Watch the "SUMMIT Pricing Workshop: By Amy Bradley Radford that coordinates with this offer*

If you are interested in joining the Maximize Your Massage Business program where we redesign your business in 12 weeks, and receive the ”Massage Business In a Box” toolkit mailed to you, click the button below:

DON’T FORGET! Use this coupon at checkout: summit2020

This offer ends November 18th, 2020! (Regular price is $349 for the 12 week and Mailed Toolkit. Price with coupon is $249.00)

Here are few highlights of this program. Over the next 12 weeks, you will learn how to run a massage business efficiently and profitability. The webinars and courses material are digital through your account. This workbook and the tools to help you achieve your greatest business potential, along with some other fun business things, are included in your toolkit. Each week you are sent an email with a training webinar link and links to what you need to accomplish inside the courses for that week. You can begin using your tools in your business immediately!

In this class, you receive training in:

• How to implement a new referral system using the Finding Success principles of referring

o You receive special business cards in your toolkit to start using the business card system once you go through the training.

o The Finding Success class is also approved for 1 CE hour

• Learn how to uniquely meet client expectations through the Massage Your Market Course

o You receive 2 training tools in your kit to start using once you complete the class to teach you how to define your client’s expectations

o This class is ALL about repeat clients and happy clients that tell others about you

o The Massage Your Market class is also approved for 6 CE hours

• Learn 5 new techniques for relieving back pain that inspire your clients to reschedule.

o PPS Basics Bodywork 8 CE hour program (use what you need or learn all of the program!)

• 12 weeks of well-paced training sent to your email to jump start your business

• Access to your instructor via email to answer your questions

If you are ready for a change, now is the time. Follow the system outlined for you, learn about the tools and use them and you can find a higher level of success in your business then you ever thought possible! Just follow along and keep pace and you can Maximize Your Massage Business and watch your business GROW!


Gael Wood

Gael helps therapists all over the world learn to market their businesses on a budget using content marketing, local networking, and creating marketing materials that attract ideal clients.

Free Success Toolkit, Marketing Content Samples and more!


Massage and Spa Success Shop


Daphne Wells, Business Success and Freedom Coach

Daphne Wells coaches women to design a life and business that feels free by helping to release expectations that don’t resonate and fully embrace what makes them happiest. An advocate for independence and author of "Decide – Choose your own path", Daphne helps women find their inner strength and take courageous action all over the world.

Free Gift

I've created a special shop page for summit attendees here:


Special Offer

I've created a special shop page for summit attendees here:


Felicia Brown: Spalutions

Felicia Brown has been a massage therapist and heart-centered entrepreneur since 1994. She owns A to Zen Massage, an award-winning wellness spa in Greensboro, NC who speaks and writes about business, marketing, professionalism, empowerment and self-care at events around the globe. A seasoned marketer, mentor and motivator, Felicia coaches select individuals and companies needing targeted inspiration, creative empowerment and thoughtful guidance to achieve their personal, business and marketing goals. Felicia is also a best-selling author or co-author of many books including Break Through: Wisdom of the Soul which features her story Quacking Up in which she shares how a group of rubber ducks helped her overcome anxiety and depression during the pandemic shutdown.

Free Gift

Five Tips for Quacking Up


Special Offer

Get One Hour of Business or Life Coaching for $79 (regularly $250)

Angela Robertson: The Fit MT

With the burn out rate of manual therapists high and bodies breaking down in the first 1-2 years after massage school, there is a need for fitness in all massage therapist's lives. Fitness, nutrition and body mechanics can be fun and give you a serious edge in this physically demanding business. The Fit Mt is designed to give you the tools to work as long as you want without pain AND feeling your best.

A gift for you: 50 Things to Eat On a Busy Day Guide

This guide gives nutritious food ideas for those days when there is no time to eat and you need something between clients. The best way to maintain your energy level is by eating the right foods. It's all right here for you.


Self Care Wellness Bundle

Everything you need to take your business and yourself to the next level of success.

What you'll get:

The self care presentation slides

Self Motivation mini book- How to keep yours high

The Power of Goals eBook

Ways to drink more water with recipes to infuse water for better taste eBook


Shopping List Printable


Jeanette Falu-Bishop: Massage Business Education & Branding (Savvy Massage Business Coach)

Massage Business Education and Branding is one of the MOST COMPREHENSIVE, REAL-TIME Massage Business coaching, mentoring and education platform in the world. Jeanette Falu-Bishop is a Savvy Massage Business Coach that provides a modern, creative, forward thinking approach business that helps any Massage Therapist grow or maintain a profitable and successful career with real time business, branding and marketing advice and tutorials. Whether it's a start up one man show company or a larger business; Massage Business Education and Branding is set up to help its members with topics such as Branding, Marketing, Networking, Sales, Business, Bookkeeping , Self Value and Money.

Free Gift

Do you know your cost of doing business? Signup for our newsletter and get your Free Downloadable Cost of Doing Business Spreadsheet.


Special Offer - Business Coaching for Massage Therapists:

Join a community of Massage Therapists learning to build and succeed in their Massage Therapy businesses.

Make 2021 the Best Year Ever!

Your Savvy Massage Business Coach continuously uploads specially designed courses to help you create and grow a profitable Massage business.

Understanding how to set up, scale and maintain a profitable and sustainable business is key to not only having a solid business foundation, but to setting your business apart from the competition. Jeanette offers courses that help you grow where you want to go, as well as set you up with marketing and branding that truly speaks of who you are in the massage world.

Join Today!

Elicia and James Crook from Massage Champions

Elicia and James Crook founded Massage Champions to provide business coaching and mentoring for Massage and Wellness Professionals to help them run and grow a successful business and enjoy a fulfilling, passionate and impactful life. They are the authors of the Amazon Best Seller “Fully Booked Without Burnout” and run the 6 Figure Business Mastery program.

Free Gift

Free training on how to go full time in your massage business in 2020!


Special Offer

30 Days of Social Media content (Images, Articles and Adverts) PLUS a copy of "Fully Booked Without Burnout" the #1 Business Book for Massage Therapists... all for only $1


Vicki Marsh - Massage Therapist Business School

Tools, Resources & Workshops to help you build an unbreakable Massage Business & take over the world one appt at a time!

Free Gift + Special Offer

75 Proven Ways to Get More Massage Clients and 70% off Coupon for all workshops - go to page to get code (will be displayed on page)


Terrance Bonner

Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Master Esthetician, Massage Therapy Instructor, Massage and Esthetic CE Provider, Voted Best Massage Therapist and Esthetician, Voted Best Spa of Mississippi.

Free Gift

3 Business Tips That Every Business Needs To Succeed


Special Offer

How To Get Published in The News


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Exclusive access to all the speakers presentations, audio downloads and self-care workshops

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  • Replays of the LIVE meditation, yoga, and self-help workshops

  • PLUS These Amazing Bonuses Valued at Over $500!

  • Expand Your Business with Steph Zito (Value $197)

  • Do ONE Thing Ebook from Felicia Brown (Value $19.95)

  • Be Amazing on Camera | Guide + Checklist from Kevin Anson (Value $97)

  • Finding Success for the Massage Therapist Ebook from Amy Radford (Value $15)

  • Daily & Monthly Planners for Massage and Spa Business from Gael Wood (Value $29)

  • Top 11 life and Business Hacks for Entrepreneurs to be More Successful with Less Effort from Daphne Wells (Value $5)

  • Video Marketing Ideas for Local Business with Tim Cooper (Value $97)

  • Comply & Conquer - Understanding What It Takes To Get Your Facebook Ads Approved with Tim Cooper (Value $97)


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