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Day 3 Presentations

Tim Cooper

What is a Funnel and Why Do I Need a Website Anyway?

There’s been a lot of hype and focus on ‘funnels’ over the last few years. The message to the masses is that websites are dead and all you need is a funnel. That’s great marketing and a massive money spinner for the companies that provide expensive funnel building software… and more than a little confusing and overwhelming for the small business owner just trying to build a profitable online presence.

In this presentation I dispel the myths about funnels. I show you how funnels, landing pages and classic websites can be put to work in your business. Plus I share the affordable tools that I use to create stunning, fast, search engine optimized sites for myself and my clients.

Amy Radford

Pricing Workshop

Is it time to raise your prices? How do you raise prices? Won't I lose clients if I change my prices? Is there a strategy behind raising your massage rates? These are the most common questions and concerns that most therapists have when looking at a price and structure change for their business and clientele. Come learn about the proven strategy of how to figure out where you want to be in terms of your hourly fee and how to get there in a systematic way without losing clients.

Gael Wood

Generating Life Changing Ideas

A daily process of idea generating has changed my life more than I could ever imagine, and I am so excited to share this process with you! In just a few minutes a day you can have a never ending supply of ideas that make money, solve problems, create more fun and adventure in your life, anything you want! In this short presentation, I’ll explain exactly how it works, all you need is a notebook and a pencil to start your own daily idea generating practice.

Felicia Brown

Are your Ducks in a Row? How 5 Rubber Ducks Changed My Life

Lost in the depths of depression and anxiety brought on by the pandemic, Felicia Brown literally got her ducks in a row. To get through the shutdown stress, Brown and her husband began holding “impromptu” rubber duck races in their backyard. What started out as an afternoon mood booster has become a hilarious hobby, filling Felicia's life with joy and creativity - and even a new book. This presentation will share "wisdom" from the ducks as well as steps anyone can take to Felicia's strategies for getting unstuck from the muck and back in the race.

Darryl Turner

How To Optimize Your Facebook Ads To Attract More Clients And Save Money

Tired of expensive or ineffective Facebook ads? In this presentation you'll learn 3 expert tips to discover how to create better & more effective campaigns, while saving money in the process. You'll learn: How to Create An Irresistible Offer, What To Say In Your Ads & How To Say It, and How To 'Insure' Your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Scott Paton

Getting started with YouTube marketing

As a health professional, you have many opportunities to improve the quality of life of your patients and clients. Fifty years ago, your only real option was to work one-on-one with patients. Today, that’s all changed. Fifty years ago, you’d spend ten or fifteen minutes once a month or three with them, sharing how they can improve their lives. Then they’d go home and spend three hours an evening watching TV with commercials for Big Macs and Beer. Who could compete with that? Today that’s all changed. Discover how you can reach your clients, and prospective clients, 24/7, on an even footing with mass media. Imagine the difference you would make in their lives if they could be hearing your powerful messages everyday, on the way to and from work, while walking the dog or instead of that mind-numbing TV show they are hooked on.

In this presentation, Scott lays out the groundwork sharing one-to-many instead of one-to-one. You’ll leave with an achievable action plan and the confidence to fulfil it!

Daphne Wells

Unlock your secret success code: 3 sizzling secrets to power and prosperity

Each of us is born with our own unique personal code. Understanding your code empowers you to feel fulfilled professionally and personally; and navigate challenges and pitfalls with ease. You’ll accelerate your results and those of your clients.

Day 3 November 12 Retreat Group Schedule

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8 am EST Tim Cooper Day Three Schedule and Announcements

10 am EST Clearing Limiting Beliefs Meditation with Steph Zito

3pm EST Not Letting The Stress Of The World Get To You with Daphne Wells

5 PM EST Farewell Party with Gael Wood and Tim Cooper

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