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Day 1 Presentations

Felicia Brown

Doing the Right Thing (Even When it Sucks!)

With all the challenges life has thrown at us this year, it's tempting to become totally self-centered and not worry about anyone else. It can also be tempting to avoid all the hard stuff (paying bills, exercising, confronting others). And these kinds of actions CAN be a form of self-care, the guilt and stress of doing the bare minimum can also become a heavy weight. In this presentation, Felicia Brown will discuss how to face and move beyond the tough stuff and on to a better life.

Terrance Bonner

Keys 🔑 to an Award Winning Business and Media Exposure

In this presentation I will give you keys to elevate your business to award winning status and Media Exposure

Daphne Wells

The Breakthrough Bonanza: 3 key discoveries to take your business from stuck and stressed to prosperous and profitable

How to make your business and your life easier when everything else around you is harder. Discover which mistakes you’re making and what you can do instead so you can make more money with less effort. When you know how to avoid the mistakes you’re making, you’ll get what you want with less effort and more speed without having to work harder or longer.

Amy Radford

The Power of the Invitation

This presentation is about the remarkable influence you can have on your business and schedule with a simple phone call and invitation to your massage table. If you are looking to fill your schedule to its fullest capacity, this class is for you.

James & Elicia Crook

How to make your clients feel safe (and grow your bookings)

Standing out as a safe and trustworthy practitioner is incredibly important in an uncertain and fearful world. And it's not just about the experience your clients have when they see you... because feeling UNsafe or UNcertain can block them before they even book in! So how can you change the game, and create feelings of safety and certainty with people BEFORE they come through your door? Put these practical steps in place and you can multiply your bookings and retention.

Jeanette Falu-Bishop

Brand and Market your Massage Business

If you are looking to establish, brand or rebrand your massage therapy business this course is for you. I will help launch you into success:How to market yourself as a massage therapist and distinguish yourself. How to Brand and or Re-brand your Business and get results Build your confidence by learning how to face and overcome obstacles on your path to success, and so much more!

Angela Robertson

Three Ways Upgrading Your Self Care Will Make You More Money

Self care has never been as important as right now. This workshop’s focus is you and how being at your best makes you more money. Included are simple, done-for-you steps to easily plug into your schedule and see results quickly. Guaranteed to have tips and tricks you haven’t tried; this informative course gives you the tools to create your own unique road-map to a weekly self care routine that works for you! If you’re ready to feel your best and upgrade your income it's all here. Let's go!

Day 1 November 10 Retreat Group Schedule

(replays will be in the group if you miss a livestream, check the group daily as we are adding more events and Q&A sessions).

9 am Est Gael Wood Welcome and Inspire Summit Kickoff!

10 Am EST Clarity Meditation with Steph Zito

3 PM EST Self Care for the Forearms, Shoulders and Neck for the Massage Therapist with Amy Bradley Radford In this presentation, Amy will teach you some new, fun, and easy ways to relieve tension in your forearms, shoulders and neck by massaging the tendons on the top of your hands and breaking down repetitive motion adhesions along the Ulna Bone. You are in for a treat with this new and effective approach!

5:30 pm Tim Daily Round Up and Q&A

7pm EST Evening Yoga with Amy Bayless

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