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Here's What Just Some Of Our Attendees Have To Say...

Navigating The New Normal

As Wellness Practitioners and business owners, there are two truths we are faced with.

One - things have changed... we have entered a new era. Life and business as we knew it will never be the same.

Two - In order to survive and thrive in business we have to adjust our thinking and review our business model. Rewards are waiting, ready, for those who pivot and adapt.

The good news is, it's not all doom and gloom. While you may be looking to the future and see only darkness and despair, there are many others who have seen great opportunity. They've been able to reorganize their business, add a variety of 'safe' service options, and bring part of their business online to meet the needs of those who would prefer contactless consultations and treatments.

How on earth can a 'hands on' therapist provide contactless services you may ask?

By meeting your clients where they're at. By respecting their fears and apprehensions. By being creative and open to new ways to deliver value. By embracing new tools and technologies. By being willing to step out of your comfort zone, embrace the unknown, and exploring uncharted waters.

It won't always be smooth sailing. You'll encounter challenges along the way. It will take work. You'll no doubt have to learn some new skills... but as they say, fortune favours the brave.

We have brought together 17 industry leaders to share their insights and experience... to provide clarity and guidance... so you are better equipped to plot a new course towards success in 2021 and beyond.

We also understand these are stressful times. That's why this year we decided to provide more than just a summit, more than a collection of business and marketing training. Self-care has always been important, but something that many of us (myself included) have neglected as we get so tied up in running our business.

So, this year we are bring you the Inspire Virtual Retreat. Yes, it's packed full of valuable business and marketing training, but we're also taking time out to look after ourselves.

Throughout the virtual retreat our presenters will be taking you through LIVE workshops. There'll be meditation and yoga sessions, along with foam rolling and other self-care techniques and routines.

Definitely an event not to be missed!



Sometimes you can be so caught up in the daily grind of running your business that you forget to take care of your greatest asset... YOU.

The Inspire Virtual Retreat will help you bring balance back to your life and business with guidance and easy to follow self-care routines.


Life and business as we knew it have changed forever. We now have to look at innovative ways to not only reach our clients, but in many cases, we must adapt our services and marketing to the 'New Normal'.

Now more than ever, you don't have to think outside the box... you have to destroy the box!


With these new tools in your arsenal, it's time to look to the future with positive belief. Choose a business and marketing strategy that sits well with you. Try new things... put different tactics to work in your business... connect and reach out to our speakers.

Put the work in, but don't forget to balance things out with rest and meaningful YOU time. Take care of yourself.


  • how investing in your self-care can have a positive impact on your income.

  • how to find support and grow your business through collaborating with others

  • charge what you're worth and raise your prices without scaring all your clients away.

  • how to thrive in business no matter how the economy is performing

  • go from trading dollars for hours and build a legacy business by growing your residual income.

  • make your Facebook Ads work for you, get more clients for less ad spend.

  • turn your social media channels into lead generating funnels and convert your followers into clients.

  • how to stand out as a safe and trustworthy practitioner. Now more than ever your clients need to feel safe.

Meet The Speakers


Best Selling Author and Business Success Coach


6 Figure Massage Mentor


Founder of The Fit MT


Business Success and Freedom Coach


Internationally renowned speaker, podcasting expert and Udemy instructor


Massage Therapy Foundation Business Coach


Intuitive Soul Purpose Coach


Instructor & Wellness Business Coach


Massage Business Methods Coaching & Pain Patterns and Solutions (PPS) Pain Management Bodywork Instructor


Co-founder Bodywork Buddy Founder Bodywork Media Massage Software


Certified Meditation & Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach



Continuing Education Instructor & Start-up Business Consultant


Business Coaches for Massage & Wellness Professionals


Brand & Marketing Strategist and Savvy Massage Business Coach


Founder of The Massage Therapist's Business School


Facebook ads expert specializing in helping wellness professionals


It doesn't matter what type of wellness modality you practice or where you are in your business... there is always room to grow.

If you're ready to take your business up a notch but you're not sure how... you're in the right place! Learn the proven strategies our 17 industry experts use to build highly visible and successful businesses.


You save 95% off the full price when you purchase today

What Topics Are Covered?

Angela Robertson Presents:

Three Ways Upgrading Your Self Care Will Make You More Money

Terrence Bonner Presents:

Keys 🔑 to an Award Winning Business and Media Exposure

Felica Brown Presents:

Doing the Right Thing (Even When it Sucks!)

Are your Ducks in a Row? How 5 Rubber Ducks Changed My Life

Elicia & James Crook Presents:

How to make your clients feel safe (and grow your bookings)

Vicki Marsh Presents:

Reliable ways to get new clients on autopilot

Davonna M. Willis Presents:

Collaboration to Thrive

Amy Bradley Radford Presents:

The Power of the Invitation

Pricing Workshop

Scott Paton Presents:

Disconnecting From the 40 Year Plan

Stephanie Zito Presents:

5 Ways to Intuitively Expand Your Business

Cindy Iwlew Presents:

How to Automatically Collect Amazing Reviews and Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Use Them to Grow Your Massage Business

Lakisha Ashford Presents:

Massage Business Structure Done Right!

Amy Bayless Presents:

Night-time Yoga for Peaceful Sleep

Daphne Wells Presents:

The Breakthrough Bonanza: 3 key discoveries to take your business from stuck and stressed to prosperous and profitable

Unlock your secret success code: 3 sizzling secrets to power and prosperity

Jeanette Falu-Bishop Presents:

Brand and Market your Massage Business

Melinda Loo Presents:

4 Pillars to Thrive in New Era

Darryl "DJ" Turner Presents:

How To Optimize Your Facebook Ads To Attract More Clients And Save Money

Gael Wood Presents:

Face Your Fears and Do it Anyway!

Tim Cooper Presents:

How Social is Your Social? Turn Your Posts Into a Lead Generating Funnel

What is a Funnel and Why Do I Need a Website Anyway?

PLUS... Replays of LIVE Meditation, Yoga and Self-Care Workshops

Get 20+ Training Videos Plus Audio Recordings Valued At $1,897 With Lifetime Access...

(Plus Extra Special Bonuses Valued At Over $500)

...For Only $97


You save 95% off the full price when you purchase today

World Class Experts Delivering Exclusive Content Designed To Get You Results

All New Content

Each session has been created especially for our virtual retreat attendees. As self contained lessons, each session has been designed to provide easy to follow, step by step instructions to help you plan and implement the best strategies for your business.

That's why the Lifetime Access Pass is a no-brainer for most of our attendees.

It's like having a world class mentor on call

With the Lifetime Access Pass it'll be like having 25 expert advisers in your hand, just a click away... ready to help you and share their best advice.

Stop wasting time and money on trial and error! These experts have already figured out what's working really well, right now, in YOUR industry.

Avoid information overload

There's actually a term for it. It's called Information Fatigue Syndrome.

You see the problem isn't a lack of information. We're absolutely inundated with it. And just to complicate things more there is always someone announcing the virtues of the next shinny object.

How are you supposed to know what works? Who to trust? How much more time and money are you willing to gamble in the hope of improving your business?

That's why we put this virtual retreat together. Our hand picked panel of industry experts will share nothing but proven strategies. No fluff. No BS!

You can proceed with implementing these strategies into your business with the confidence that with time and effort you will start to see amazing results.


You save 95% off the full price when you purchase today

When You Upgrade To This Special Time Limited Offer, You'll Receive:

20+ VIDEO SESSIONS ($1440 value)

Watch and review any session, any time. Learn from recognized industry leaders.

These 20+ video presentations are exclusive to our virtual retreat attendees and your unique opportunity to fast track your success by following the step by step strategies and blueprints employed by highly successful business owners.

PLUS, don't forget the meditation, yoga and self-care workshops!

AUDIO DOWNLOADS ($497 value)

Want to learn on the move. Download and listen to all speaker sessions and panel discussions on any device.

Enjoy the flexibility of listening to this powerful content on your phone, tablet or computer. Turn your daily commute into an information session. Learn truly transformational strategies as you go about your everyday activities.

With this resource you've got no excuses to miss out on powerful content.


You save 95% when you purchase today!

Your Lifetime Access Pass Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee

Gael and I are so confident that you'll LOVE everything the Lifetime Access Pass gives you that we're willing to offer you an unconditional money back guarantee.

Here's how it works...

When you invest in your lifetime access pass today you will get instant access to all of the video presentations along with downloadable audio files.

We organised a lineup of world class industry leaders to present real world strategies and solutions... and, WOW, did they deliver!

But don't take my word for it... or the raving reviews we've received on our private Facebook group and emails... why don't you see all the amazing goodies we have in store for your in the exclusive membership area...

Just go ahead and order your lifetime access pass today, and check it out. Take 7 days. If, for any reason, you are not 100% delighted with the informative, lesson style presentations... if you don't increase your income... if you don't start to attract, retain and re-book more clients ... and if you don't agree that you have the potential to put this wealth of real world, time tested and proven advice to work and build the wellness business of your dreams... then simply email me at [email protected] with your reason why you feel the GWPMS 2020 Inspire Lifetime Access Pass isn't for you and I'll provide you with a rapid, no hassle, 100% refund.

All I ask is that you give it a fair go. Implement the easy to follow strategies. Remember, things won't change until you do. You must take action... I think you'll agree, that's a pretty solid offer...

So what are you waiting for? You've got absolutely nothing to lose. Get your Lifetime Access Pass today.

Okay, Here's A Quick Recap

This Is What You'll Get With Your Lifetime Access Pass...

Exclusive access to all the speakers presentations, audio downloads and self-care workshops

  • On-demand access to all 20+ speaker video presentations

  • Downloadable audio files of all sessions so you can listen to this powerful content on the go

  • Replays of the LIVE meditation, yoga, and self-help workshops

  • PLUS These Amazing Bonuses Valued at Over $500!

  • Expand Your Business with Steph Zito (Value $197)

  • Do ONE Thing Ebook from Felicia Brown (Value $19.95)

  • Be Amazing on Camera | Guide + Checklist from Kevin Anson (Value $97)

  • Finding Success for the Massage Therapist Ebook from Amy Radford (Value $15)

  • Daily & Monthly Planners for Massage and Spa Business from Gael Wood (Value $29)

  • Top 11 life and Business Hacks for Entrepreneurs to be More Successful with Less Effort from Daphne Wells (Value $5)

  • Video Marketing Ideas for Local Business with Tim Cooper (Value $97)

  • Comply & Conquer - Understanding What It Takes To Get Your Facebook Ads Approved with Tim Cooper (Value $97)


You save 95% off the full price when you purchase today

Got A Question About The Lifetime Access Pass?...

The Lifetime Access Pass provides you with on-demand access to all speaker presentations, downloadable audio files, and replays of the meditation, yoga, and self-care workshops plus access to exclusive offers and unannounced bonuses.

With the free access pass, you can only watch the speaker sessions for 24 hours during the virtual retreat LIVE event on November 10 - 12, 2020, However, as a Lifetime Access Pass holder, you get lifetime, on-demand access to the virtual retreat, inside our members-only library.

Yes, it’s 100% online. As a Lifetime Access Pass holder, you login to access all the material in our members area.

Yes, as a Lifetime Access Pass holder, you can watch the sessions from your mobile device, computer and tablet at anytime, from anywhere. Download the audio sessions so you can learn offline too. The video sessions can be streamed inside the members area.

If you’re serious about making a difference for your business in 2020 (and beyond) and if you’re ready to stop wasting time and money on trial and error and learn skills that actually work, this is for you.

If you want to start working smarter, more efficiently and see better results – then yes, the Lifetime Access Pass is for you.

This is an amazing opportunity to be taught by recognized industry experts and leaders.

See this as an investment in yourself, and your business will thank you.

Your Lifetime Access Pass comes with a 7 day, 100% money back guarantee. 

No hassles, no questions asked.

Your membership can be cancelled at any time within your 7 day guarantee period by simply sending an email to [email protected]

All payments are processed through PayPal which is safe, secure and accepts all major credit cards. Should you have any problems with your payment please contact us by sending an email to [email protected]

Get 20+ Training Videos Plus Audio Recordings and Replays of the Meditation, Yoga and Self-Care Workshops Valued At $1,897 With Lifetime Access...

(Plus Extra Special Bonuses Valued At Over $500)

...For Only $97


You save 95% off the full price when you purchase today